Well hello there. Welcome to my site and to my about. My name’s Matt, I’m sure you know that already. But what you may want to know is why I started this blog?

The answer is simple. Remote work is boring. Closed pools and gyms prevent me from doing anything that would give me the opportunity to move. However, since you can’t solve anything just by whining, I am quietly starting to prepare the procedure for starting my own business. In the meantime, however, I wanted something to keep me going. Hence this blog!

I love sorting out knowledge and sharing it on this blog, as well as on other platforms. I am trying to refocus my thoughts as of now, however, to this platform alone. It makes sense to have everything you need shown in one place after all, right? So, that’s why I’ve been focusing here. It’s been a lot of work, but honestly I think it pays off. I feel better knowing I have a place to ramble about anything I so wish to ramble about, after all.

As for the name, it’s after my dog. Or, in particular, his breed. He is a lovely thing, but he’s also called Matt (yes, it can get confusing) and it would be weird to name the site that. Meanwhile, his breed should get more searches as it is anyway, as people are curious about him and others like him independent of anything I have to say. Hopefully my writing keeps them, and you, checking in from time to time. I’m learning as I go when it comes to that, though, so bear with me as I shake myself into shape.

Like everything else in life, these things take hard work. Thankfully, I am always willing to push myself as hard as I can. Hard work will make the dreams come true, after all.