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American Home of the Braque francais- Pyrenees
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Homere du Mas du Diable won the 1997 European Coupe and was the top field trial dog in Europe. We purchased Homere in July of 2000, and he became the foundation of our breeding program. Although Homere has passed, his genetic footprint continues to be used in Europe and North America, and is recognized as one of the very best lines ever! It was an honor and a privilege to have had Homere and Chenil de Grand Ciel is proud to continue his wonderful legacy.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Chenil de Grand Ciel is to do everything, honestly and ethically, within our ability to aid in the establishment of the Braque francais-Pyrenees in North America.

We will import, breed and develop high quality pups and dogs that are representative of the breed. We are committed to maintaining the breed and will not willingly alter or change it in any way.

As our desire is 100% client satisfaction, we stand behind our puppies for a period of 3 years. Our guarantee is based completely on client satisfaction.