How to Make Your Dog Feel a Part of the Family

How to Make Your Dog Feel a Part of the Family

We humanize our pets. Sometimes too much humanization can cause a dog to become confused about who is the alpha in the family. Dogs need a system that is a social hierarchy, not a human one. In order to organize a healthy, functional pack, dogs need a leader that is confident, calm and strong. The rest of the pack follows agreeable behavior rules.

Your dog probably does not understand that you are the leader. He probably thinks he is the leader, and probably will not accept you as the leader. You need to change this thinking. As you show authority to your dog, you will find that your dog will react accordingly. In turn, your dog will be more willing to obey. Having a strong, calm, confident leader is a dog’s happy place. You have to show this to your dog if you want him to listen to you and become submissive to your commands.

If you have a dog that is aggressive towards other dogs or people, he may see himself as the leader and will not accept any other authority. You must convince your dog that you are the leader. For example, when you go out for a walk, your dog is out in front of you. He has his eye on the chase. You must quicken your pace. If your dog tries to move ahead of you, halt immediately and claim the position of the leader. Make your dog understand that he is to follow your lead.

You may have a dog that is submissive to you. If your dog seems to recognize that he is human and is not a dog, but still exhibits aggressive behavior, he may be suffering from a submissive dog attitude. To correct this dog’s bad behavior, you need to exhibit a strong self-confidence and show that you are not afraid of your dog. Just being confident and assertive will not work. You must show that you are the leader, and that you mean business.

Causes of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

You are probably already aware of some of the main causes of aggressive behavior in dogs. Never praise or reward your dog for attacking another dog or person. Such actions encourage your dog’s aggressive behavior.

Never try to stop an aggressive dog’s behavior by hitting or kicking. This may increase your dog’s aggressiveness and make him even more dangerous.

Stay away from situations that cause a feeling of fear in your dog. Fear-induced aggression is one of the most common causes of aggressive behavior in dogs and can cause serious problems.

engaging in games like tug-of-war and put your dog in the position of defense – he must feel that you are indeed a threat to him.

Retrain your dog’s negative behavior rather than trying to cure the behavior.

Where does aggression originate?

Dogs are predators. They like to hunt and kill. Some dogs however, are not able to hunt as efficiently as others. This can cause them stress and confusion. Working with an instructor to help you will help you address this behavior and bring a sense of calmness to your dog.

Aggression towards family members.

When you have a dog that is aggressive towards members of his human family, he is not trying to hurt them. The mistake that many owners make here is to shout and scream at their dog. The pet doesn’t understand this and will only learn that there is a problem when he barks at you all of the time. When this happens, it is likely that you will get bitten. It is important that you train your German shepherd about being aggressive.

Working with an instructor will help you address this behavior.

Dogs are similar to children in a way that they will learn from different people. When you have an aggressive dog, you should not try to correct the behavior by hurting the dog. While you can try doing that, it is important that you first visit a dog trainer to help you out. Just like you would not send your child to a training camp without consulting a doctor, you don’t either need to consult a professional trainer or your vet to help you with this behavior. Training is much easier than finding a professional dog trainer to help you.